Merchants, Tradesmen and Manufacturers
doing business in Shenandoah, Pa in 1921.

These pages contain the names of about 650 companies and individuals that were operating a business or engaging in a trade in Shenandoah, PA in 1921.

About 494 entries are the names of individuals and the remaining 67 are business names. Each entry lists the type of business or trade in which the person or company was engaged.

The original list contains a value for both the "pecuniary strength" (financial worth ?) and a credit rating for each business. It was not possible to include these values in the pages given below but if you send an email to the web site and request that information for one or two names in the lists, it will be sent along to you as quickly as possible.

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The town's population in 1921 was listed as 24,726.
In an era when very few people owned cars, when there were no malls or super markets, it is not terribly surprising that the town contained about 169 enterprises involved in the selling of groceries, meat and fruit.

It is surprising though to find that the town was supporting about 104 saloons!
Other totals include - 3 Dentists, 6 Bakeries, 11 Drugists and 12 Undertakers,.